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Resume Last Updated: 9/1/2015

Personal Information

Name: Maureen Kenney
Email: mdkenney@yahoo.com

Phone: 818-207-6089
Current Position – self-employed consultant


Level: Ph.D. (Did not graduate)
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Public Administration,  1985

Level: Master's
California State University, Northridge, CA
Psychology - School Psychology,  1979

Level: Bachelor's
California State University, Northridge, CA
Psychology,  1977

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Microsoft MCP (Certified Professional)
California Licensed Educational Psychologist - retired
California State Community Colleges Teaching credentials
California State School Psychologist Credential


CMMI Training including Principals, Introduction, and Appraisals, 2004
Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Training, 2003
UCLA Extension PERL / CGI , 2002
UCLA Extension Relational Database Management , 2001
UCLA Extension Frontline Supervision, 2001
Kennon Communications/Raytheon Presentation and Media Skills Workshop, 2001
Raytheon Flash Programming, 2000
Raytheon Writing Winning Proposals, 2000
Raytheon Java Programming Language, 2000
CSUN Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, 1999
Cal State Univ. Northridge Microsoft Windows NT 4.o Server, 1999

Experience Summary

Process Improvement – 7 yrs exp. Specialized training in recognized process improvement models CMMI and Six Sigma. Developed company site-wide training for implementation of process improvement. Automated training and compliance tracking using web-based applications. Developed comprehensive knowledge management systems for clients.

Computer Programs - 25 yrs exp. Experienced Help Desk professional. Software trainer. Programming languages include VBA, VBE 6.0, HTML 4.0, PERL, JavaScript, Windows NT shell scripting and Active Server Pages. Experienced in use of MS Word 6.0 and 7.0, PowerPoint, Excel, all MS operating systems including Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT Server and Workstation 4.0, and Database applications development using MS Access, MySQL, and SQL Server, with PERL and Visual Basic for Applications. Experienced in installation and setup of ACT! Leads tracking software, and many other software programs.. Experienced in use and configuration of MS FrontPage 2000. Computer Networking - 15 yrs Exp. Experienced with setup of INTERNET protocols and programs for use, access, research on the INTERNET.

Computer Systems - 23 yrs exp. Understanding of hardware topology of common LANs, WANs. Experienced in administration, installation and configuration of LANs running Windows NT 4.0 and Linux in a mixed OS environment. Skilled in setup and administration of INTRANET and INTERNET servers and software. Experienced in use of LINUX systems. Experienced in building, upgrading and maintaining PCs. Experienced in setup of PCs running Microsoft operating systems. Experienced in maintaining multiple computer systems in a multi-user environment (school computer lab, office settings).

Technical Writing - 25 yrs exp. Experienced in technical writing, including procedures manuals, software support documentation, web site content and software manuals. Developed user support manuals and on-line documents to automate computer lab functions.

Business Management - 25 yrs exp. Experienced in staff supervision and management. Experienced in developing and implementing exemplary customer service systems. General office management skills, including budget oversight, payroll and tax issues. Bookkeeping using INTUIT products. Skilled in Human Resources Management. Experienced in development and implementation of marketing and advertising programs for new and existing products. Experienced in analyzing and sizing staff to meet project needs. Experienced in new company setup, including California incorporation procedures, issuing private stock, required record keeping, facility planning.

Education - 20 yrs exp. School Psychologist with 15 years' experience in individual and group assessment. Developed and implemented teacher workshops in reading development, parent/teacher partnerships, using computers as aides to education of special needs students, introduction to personal computers. Developed and taught computer programming courses at the middle school and secondary level. Developed 10 week instructional and practical curriculum for human sexuality counselors of the LA Free Clinic. Experienced educational supervisor, skilled in curriculum development from course to subject level. Skilled classroom teacher at the high school and college level. Experienced in formal and informal educational assessment of groups and individuals. Skilled in applying computer technology to the needs of educational institutions. Developed and implemented educational public outreach programs in the area of aerospace education.

Employment History

Deputy Department Manager, Web Solutions
Web developer/Systems Engineer/Systems Analyst, Raytheon, Pasadena, CA, March 1999 – June 2006 (retired)
Leadership role in process improvement initiatives. Team Lead for development of WWW applications. Supervise teams of 2-3 people in development and implementation of web applications. Interface with customers to ensure complete capture of project requirements. Active in business development activities, including presentations to prospective customer and proposal development for new projects. Systems administration of Windows NT and Windows 2000 web servers and workstations. Provide support for company EPO efforts.
Taught 10-session course "Beginning Database management and ColdFusion" Oct 2001.

Instructional Computing Supervisor, California State University, Northridge, CA, November 1998 - November 1999
Responsible for maintaining and staffing seven computer labs, consisting of 250 workstations and 13 servers. Supervised a staff of 10 part time and 1 full time employees in duties relating to maintenance of the labs. Select and install software, troubleshoot system and network problems. Develop automated systems of network administration, by writing shell scripts where appropriate. Provide interface between staff and faculty. Provide direct customer service to 5,000 students in the College of Business. Maintain a web site with lab information, and develop a centralized support site for the lab staff, to minimize staff development costs. Provide value-added services for the student assistants by training them in various computer operating systems and providing training in systems administration and computer programming.

Administrative Vice President, Bear Computer Systems Inc., Granada Hills, CA, September 1985 - November 1998
Supervised up to 10 people during my employment. Developed and published first BCSI Internet WWW site, Developed and implemented BCSI Intranet to provide employees with up-to-date procedural information, price lists, sales and technical information, Developed computerized bookkeeping and payroll systems, Administered local area network including Windows NT servers and mixed clients, Networked PC systems with DEC VAX, ALPHA and HP-UX systems in-house, Set up IP routing to ensure connection of all users to INTERNET through a single connection - (no hardware router used), Planned and executed three company moves, including lease negotiations and facility planning, security, network and phone system installation., Facility Security Officer - oversee Facility Clearance and supervise "cleared" consultants, Planned and implemented two product roll-outs, including packaging, marketing strategy, advertising, related promotions, development and production of documentation, Supervised staff of five office personnel, assisted in supervision of technical and sales staffs.

Instructor, Ventura Community College, Ventura, CA, September 1985 - June 1990
Taught Human Sexuality classes for the psychology department.

Assistant Principal and Dean of Students, Oak Hill School, Sepulveda, CA, July 1983 - September 1985
Developed and supervised a computer lab of 10 systems for staff and students. Purchased and maintained hardware, recommended and approved software purchases. Taught beginning computer programming classes and word processing classes. Computerized primary office systems including payroll and bookkeeping. Computerized student scheduling and student handbooks, course syllabi. Supervised staff of 15 teachers and aides, interfaced with LA Unified for educational planning for special education students.

College Instructor, Chaffee Community College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, September 1979 - June 1985
Undergraduate classes in introductory psychology and in child development

College Instructor, California Lutheran College, North Hollywood, CA, September 1979 - June 1985
Taught Child Development classes

School Psychologist, Los Angeles Unified School District, San Fernando Valley, CA, August 1979 - October 1980
Responsible for all psychological services for three elementary schools. Commended for excellence and leadership skills for planning and supervision of a state audit of the special education programs.


Co-inventor of Structured Work Flow Method for Services (patent pending)

Publications and Presentations

SIRTF: A Name In Space - Renaming a NASA Observatory EPO:
An Example of Inquiry-Based Education
Presented at Space Science Institute Workshop, Boulder, CO - April 2002

SIRTF: A Name In Space - Renaming a NASA Observatory
Presented at American Astronomical Society Meeting - Jan 2002

Computer-Based Instruction and Reference Documentation System for the Orbit Determination Program
Presented at International Symposium for Space Flight Dynamics - Nov 2001

Contact Information
Webmaster: Maureen Kenney
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2015